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The perfect protection for your tyres

Picture of a Bentley parked on Reifenkissen cushions Picture of a Bentley tyre on Reifenkissen cushions Picture of a Bentley S2 wheel on Reifenkissen cushions

Reifenkissen cushions help preventing flat-spotting on tyres during parking time. With a specially designed foam compound, they form an optimum support ideal for your tyres, that fits perfectly on their forms. The results thus obtained can alleviate the pressure on your tyres, and ensure their perfect state even after prolonged parking time.

Design, manufacturing and production of high quality raw materials in Switzerland.

Swiss Quality   Swiss flag   Swiss Made

The story begin with a car restorer and a car collector that came together to elaborate a solution to answer collectors needs and so were born the Reifenkissen cushions, entirely produced and hand-assembled in Switzerland. Created and developed in their smallest details, Reifenkissen cushions are now essential parts and necessary accessories that exceptional car owners must have.

Enjoy the pleasure of safe driving!

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Sponsoring of Luxury Racing team, Ferrari Trofeo challenge Pirelli

Supercars Passion and Reifenkissen are official sponsors of Luxury Racing, official Ferrari Team

Reifenkissen, the tranquillity of a cushion
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