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Reifenkissen cushions

Picture DBS V12 on Reifenkissen cushions

Picture F430 on Reifenkissen cushions

Picture Alfa Romeo 8C Spider on Reifenkissen cushions

During long winter months or through the year, you park your sports or classic car in your garage.

Often a few weeks to several months, and it hurts your tyres, your car frame, or even your entire car, and it especially irritates you when you drive again.
Until now, you used interim solutions, over-inflated tyres, regular movement of the vehicle, removing the wheels and placing the car on candles until ending up with tyres change.

Easy! Today you are driving on Reifenkissen cushions, that's it!

Tyres do not lose air pressure any more, do not show any deformation, and therefore, no usual and dreaded sign of the famous flat spot tyre.

Incredible experiences without unpleasant side effects due to parking time, for a perfect security related on tyres and a ride comfort preserved.

  • Materials: assembly of different layers of polyethylene - aluminium - polyurethane
  • Sizes:
    Simple cushions: (W x L = 50 x 80 cm),
    Twofold cushions: (W x L = 50 x 97 cm)
  • Specially designed to allow driving on the cushions
  • Anti-slip properties to suit all floor types
  • Maximum wheel width: 500 mm
  • Gasoline resistant, easy to clean
Picture of a Bentley wheel on Reifenkissen cushions

4 cushions per set:

2 twofold cushions: 50 cm wide and 97 cm long
Both sides profiled lets you to drive over easily.

2 simples cushions: 50 cm wide et 80 cm long
Straight side intended to be directed against the end wall.

Cushions are made from a blend of different layers of polyethylene - aluminum - polyurethane.

Several pictures of cars parked on Reifenkissen cushions

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