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Story and experiences

In 2005, Bruno Wälti, Swiss car collector, tired of having problems with flat tyres on a Porsche 911 2.0 E that has been completely restored by Erik Kress, Swiss specialist renowned for car restoration, asks him if he had not a solution on his problem. Thus begins long evenings of work to seek and explore different options, to find that properties of a foam compound could address the problem. Ensues several prototypes and lots of tests that will eventually result in 2008, after 3 years of research, to create Reifenkissen cushions.

Hans-Günter Zach RR Phantom II "Star of India" parked on Reifenkissen cushions
RR Phantom II "Star of India"
Close view of a RR Phantom II "Star of India" wheel
RR Phantom II "Star of India"

The most famous collector of Rolls-Royce in Germany, Hans-Günter Zach has tested the Reifenkissencushions:

« On November 24, 2008, I placed three sets (each consisting of 4 pads) through my three heaviest Rolls-Royce, a Phantom II « Star of India » (unladen weight: 2860 kg), a Phantom III (unladen weight: 2680 kg) and a Phantom VI (unladen weight: 3000 kg).

A few weeks later, I have found, to my great surprise, that the foam compound of the cushions had resumed in seconds its original form, a completely smooth surface, especially the more important that the tyres had not lost any air pressure, and that they showed no shape deformation, and therefore no usual and dreaded sign of the famous flat tyre. »

Reifenkissen cushions are marketed exclusively on international market by the company Supercars Passion and a selection of qualified resellers.

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Reifenkissen, the tranquillity of a cushion
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